Quoting Andreas Rainer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

I don't know if this is related or not...

but somewhere I remember that there is a data range "allowed" and that the highest date was like 2005 - phpTest has pretty much been abandoned.

But maybe if you look around for that and change it - it might help.


I changed my.ini from mysql





and restarted the service

then i deleted the old database and started an install with


changed the admin pw

but can't login .

it says username or password incorrect

i created a new user, this works, it getting into mysql tables, but still
can't login with it .

login: tester

pw: tester .

username or password incorrect :-(

and if i set it to blank password, i can't login . login window appears
again, but no error .

Does somebody know whats wrong?

Von: Andreas Rainer [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Gesendet: Samstag, 17. Februar 2007 23:44
An: 'phptest-users@nongnu.org'
Betreff: Can't login to phptest ...

OS: Windows XP

Webserver: Sambar 6.4

Php 4.4.4

MySQL: 5.0.27

I copied the files to a directory called e:\intranet


installed mappings and edited config.inc.php


    // database configuration variables

    define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');   // hostname of database

    define('DB_USERNAME', 'root'); // username of database

    define('DB_PASSWORD', '');        // password of databsae

    define('DEFAULT_DB', 'phptest');  // name of database to use

    define('DB_TYPE', 'mysql');       // database type.  Mysql is the only
supported db right now

    define('DB_USE_PCONNECT', 0);     // set this to 0 if your database
doesn't support persistent connections

    // absolute path of your phptest installation



created a database phptest and installed the tables with
/installscript/phptest.sql .

then i tried it .

login page appears, then as soon as i try login with




it says: Username or password incorrect

then i tried to register a new user

login: tester

Pw: tester


and got:

There was an SQL error. The error message is:
Data too long for column 'password' at row 1
Please notify the site administrator <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> .
The SQL Query that failed is: INSERT INTO users (username, password, email,
real_name, date_joined, admin) VALUES ('tester', PASSWORD('tester'),

whats wrong?

does somebody know the answer?

Other php Scripts like phpmyfaq or phpbb2 work with no problem . did i
forgot something?

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