OK. So I'm new at PHP, MySQL, etc. But I'm loving this PHP Weather script(s). I have a simple question:
If I want to simply display the temps from various locations id do this:
$metar_seatac = get_metar('KSEA');
$data_seatac   = process_metar($metar_seatac);
$temp_f_seatac = $data_seatac['temp_f'];
echo "$temp_f_seatac";
$metar_tacoma = get_metar('KTIW');
$data_tacoma = process_metar($metar_tacoma);
$temp_f_tacoma = $data_tacoma['temp_f'];
echo "$temp_f_tacoma";
Works great. But what if I want to add the current weather condition? I thought the variable was 'current_weather' as in:
$data  = process_metar($metar);
$weather = $data['current_weather']
But it's not working. Can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks much.

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