Hi everybody!

I've been playing with the thought of moving PHP Weather to
SourceForge for some time - and it has now been done :-)

The summary-page for PHP Weather is here:


Now that version 2 is on it's way, I thought that it would be nice to
have some of the more "cool" development-tools at out disposal, namely
CVS. So I've been playing a lot with CVS the last few days (I've only
used it once, so I had to learn quite a lot), and you can access the
web-interface here:


Right now, the CVS version is almost identical to what I called

I've also made two new mailling-lists at SourceForge: One for general
discussions (the future of this list) and one for CVS checkins.

I can move all the subscriber to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> over to
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> quite easily. Would anybody
be offended if I did that?

If anybody would like to have write-access to the CVS repository, then
they should register at SourceForge, and then send me their user-name.
I'll then add them to the list of developers. Then instead of mailling
me, they could just fix bugs themselves. Also, the translators could
update their translations, without going through me.

Best regards,
Martin Geisler

Checkout http://www.gimpster.com for:
PHP Weather => Shows the current weather on your webpages.
PHP Shell   => A telnet-connection (almost :-) in a PHP page.

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