I'm a newbie to PHP and so to PHPWeather, too.

I have some questions. 

At home I can use the 1.52 version (putting "*/" after "to the
database." in the ~42nd line in "phpweather.inc" file).

However, at my office I'm behind a firewall, and phpweather doesn't
work, it says: "No data". I use the same files on both machines
(Debian Linux 2.2). This error message appears at once when I load my
phpweather page, there is no delay at waiting for the connection.

I can browse the web at both places with Lynx and Netscape, but these
programs require the setting of the proxy of which I'm behind.

I guess I need to set our proxy for phpweather also, but I don't know
how.  I tried to set an env variable ("http_proxy=..."), but that
didn't solve the connect problem.

New version:

I couldn't figure out how to use it! Which file should I load?

I tried many files, but received various error messages (at my both

I'm willing to translate phpweather into Hungarian language, but first
I wish to use it!

Thanks for any help.

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