I know this is rather a pure PHP-related question, but...
it relates to PHP Weather.


I checked some webpages (e.g. NWS - National Weather Service), and
found somewhere that some data are rounded (that's why they give:
3000 feet, 5000 feet, and such). That's logical.

However, when the program converts numbers into metric, it gives
762 m (2500 feet), 2438 m (8000 feet), and it does not look good...


It would be better to have those numbers in metric also as rounded
values, for example 760 m (2500 feet), 2400 m (8000 feet).
(or maybe we can give 750 m and 2500 m)

What do you think? Can it be easily implemented?

I think that such numbers are rounded officially, because we can
handle round numbers more easily...

That's why it would be also better to have round numbers in metric, too.


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