> Hello Martin!
> I modified a bit the 1.55 version.
> I use Lynx browser (text-only) and it can't handle the
>   <select name="city" onChange="this.form.submit()">
> inside a "form". So I modified it into a more usable method, which
> requires pressing a button to send the selected data.

Argh - how stupid of me. Of cause we should have a button too. But we
can actually have both at the same time.
> I added "Budapest, Hungary" to the list of cities, and "Hungarian"
> to the languages list.

Great. The list of cities was just put together at random.
> May I send this version to you, Martin?

Yes, please do.
> PS. I finished the Hungarian translation of ""

That's great. Have you remembered to use HTML entities for all the
special characters in Hungarian? (If you need a list of those codes,
take a look at my page Home > Linux > HTML Entities. If
you use a good browser (I use Mozilla), then all the characters should
render fine.)

Best regards,
Martin Geisler

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