Steen Rabol írta, 2001-07-16, 21:46-kor kelt levelében, ami 32 sorból állt:

> I'll give it a try, i'm a programmer not graphics artist, ...

A nice idea to find graphics for weather...

> ... the hard thing would be how to figure out when to display what, 

It's not so hard. You just need some similar graphics, for example
of the Sun, and to have it in different colors, fewer rays, etc...
to show that the temperature is warmer or colder.

Maybe we need 3-4 similar pictures of the same object...

The same for Clouds and Wind... 3-4 similar, but different drawing.

I think that hand-made drawing is better than a photo or a big picture...

So, if you have some pictures, we can do the combinations later.

Best regards,

PS. If you subscribed to phpweather-list, then we can talk about the
details.  If you find a URL, which holds a lot of such pictures, just
write the URL and I can check them on the web.

GYULAI Mihály  

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