On mardi 24 juillet 2001 01:31, nick meyer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>I'm getting a "Connection Timed Out" message when I try to go to
>And my php has a really long load time before outputting
>'<blockquote><p>Sorry! There is <b>no data</b> available for
>Does anyone have thoughts on this? I'm new to phpweather, is it common to
>get these connection hangs from noaa? If that's what it is? Perhaps a
>solution would be writing a <?php set_time_limit (); to @die with that same
>error message?
>Any ideas would be appreciated. This isn't very practical for my site if

I've been using PHP Weather since January. Since then, the NOAA server has been a
problem for perhaps three days. I don't consider that common, but it is annoying when
it happens. The problem usually is that the server that provides the data is out of
service; you can't even access the web pages hosted on that machine. On one occasion
the problem was that the station that I use, KNYC, was not reporting data. Sometimes
when no data is reported by a station over a period of hours, the file for that station
just disappears, the last recorded data is not kept and no dummy file is put in its
place. This is not always the case, as you can see when you access the data for
stations that have not reported for *days* and are still reporting the stale data.

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