I thought it would be nice to add some "weather by zip code"
functionality to phpweather. I realize that this is completely US centric
and does not appeal to everyone. However, I did the work anyways and put
together two tables (see http://www.sdsc.edu/~helgew/zipcodes.sql.gz) that
contain a mapping between ICAO stations and US Zip codes and vice versa.
The mapping was done by locating the closest weather station for each
geographic center of each zip code and conversely by locating the closest
zip code geographic center for each station.

There are some problems with the direct query by zip code as not all
stations are reliable enough. This could be circumvented by querying for
the closest stations and retrieving weather information for the first one
with information available.

Send me e-mail if you have any questions. I am not subscribed to this
list, so make sure to address the e-mail directly to me.


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