Hi every PhpWebGallery testers,

PhpWebGallery development team is proud to present the seconde release
candidate for release 1.5.0. The first RC had only been proposed to
french users, this release candidate is also available to english
speaking users.

What's new since branch 1.4 ?

- new default template "yoga". Web standards based. The main change
  because it's the very first thing you'll see.

- caddie and batch management. Let you organize easier your photographs.

- improved users list (filters, ordering, batch associations to groups
  and so on)

- configuration file include/config.inc.php replaced by
  include/config_default.inc.php + include/config_local.inc.php. The
  "local" configuration file let you overload the default
  configuration. An example file tools/config_local.inc.php is provided.

- user comments presentation page rewritten (filters, display
  properties, paginated)

- ability to configure a list of external links to display in the menu
  of the main page

- the single category permissions management page comes back from branch
  1.3. It had disappeared in branch 1.4 (mainly because it was unusable
  with a lot of users).

- RSS feed notification

- ability to use HTTP authentication (Apache .htaccess file)

- external authentication : share users list with a forum (phpBB for example)

- advanced management for category representatives: ability to have a
  really random representative, ability to choose a representative which
  does not belong to the category.

- contextual help (a life buoy on many screens)

- automatic mail sending when password forgotten

- new administration screen to move a set of virtual categories

- many other feature that are hard to remember

Please, use the bugtracker [1] to notify bugs. It's not more complicated
than the forum and it helps a lot to work efficiently. Feedbacks are
also welcomed in the forum [2]. Use a single topic for each information
and indicate the release you're working on "[1.5.0RC2]" for example.

[1] http://bugs.phpwebgallery.net
[2] http://forum.phpwebgallery.net

Happy tests :-)

Download area : http://download.gna.org/phpwebgallery/build/1.5

Pierrick LE GALL <http://phpwebgallery.net>

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