Hi PhpWebGallery folks,

Release 1.6.2 is available. This release includes only bug fixes. The
availability of this release has been delayed to include the fix on
"auto login" feature.

Warning: release 1.6.2 requires a database upgrade from 1.6.1, follow
instructions given in doc/README_en.txt

Other warning: during upgrade from 1.6.x to 1.6.2, you may have an error
message about duplicate entries in phpwebgallery_upgrade table, don't
take it into account.

- bug listing http://bugs.phpwebgallery.net/changelog_page.php
- download http://download.gna.org/phpwebgallery/release/1.6/1.6.2

Read you soon on phpwebgallery.net!

Pierrick LE GALL <http://phpwebgallery.net>

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