Hi everyone,

Development team is proud to present the first release candidate of
PhpWebGallery 1.7.0. This release is for test purpose only.

The main changes since version 1.6 are:

- A plugin system was added.

- A default group can be set for new users.

- A quick search feature was added.

- An anti-spam system was added for user comments.

- A notification email is now provided on user subscription.

- A much more graphical presentation for ratings was added.

- A filter for recent pictures was added.

- The anti-spam system on user comments was improved.

- The history statistics graph was rewritten.

- A history search page was added.

- A Web service API was added.

- Slideshow display was redesigned to become lighter

- A plugin that allows admins to change on the fly language/theme and
  view gallery as guest was added.

- Links on picture were added to RSS and mail notifications.

- A plugin giving advices to admin was added.

- 2 new themes were added: p0w0 and wipi.

Many new features, as you can see. Development team wants you to have a
release 1.7.0 as stable as possible. So more feedback on 1.7 release
candidates, the better.

Release 1.7.0RC1 is available in the download area [1].

Thank you for using the bug tracker [2] for bug reports. General
feedbacks are welcomed in separated topics of the forum dedicated
section [3].

[1] http://download.gna.org/phpwebgallery/release/1.6/candidate
[2] http://bugs.phpwebgallery.net
[3] http://forum.phpwebgallery.net/viewforum.php?id=14


Pierrick LE GALL <http://phpwebgallery.net>

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