Hi everyone,

Development team is proud to announce the new release candidate:
1.7.0RC2. This release is for test purpose only.

The main changes since release 1.7.0RC1 are:

- permalinks for categories were added

- history filter was improved

- tabsheet were added on administration pages

- upgrade scripts from any old release to 1.7.0RC2 were added

- and of course, many bugs were fixed

Release 1.7.0RC2 is available in the download area [1].

Thank you for using the bug tracker [2] for bug reports. General
feedbacks are welcomed in separated topics of the forum dedicated
section [3].

[1] http://download.gna.org/phpwebgallery/release/1.7/candidate
[2] http://bugs.phpwebgallery.net
[3] http://forum.phpwebgallery.net/viewforum.php?id=8


Pierrick LE GALL <http://phpwebgallery.net>

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