Hello PhpWebGallery/Piwigo community,

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Project team is proud to announce the second "release candidate"
2.0.0RC2. This release is for test only. Thanks to your feedback on
2.0.0RC1, we have fixed some bugs. We have also added some client side
dynamic behavior such as resizable textareas and category selection
boxes or a date selector. Plugin manager was redesigned. A new set of
icons comes with the new default theme.

The new remote client pLoader was fixed and improved:

- ability to create categories was added
- ability to refresh the category list was added
- global settings panel is displayed only once
- "Save" and "Cancel" buttons were removed, properties are saved automatically
- fixed high resolution photo resize (big panoramic photos)

Please remove pLoader.dat and all pLoader related directories before
testing this new release.


- download Piwigo :
- download pLoader :
- test without install: http://demo.piwigo.net
- beta testing forum: http://forum.phpwebgallery.net/viewforum.php?id=8

See you soon on the forum

Piwigo team

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