Hello Piwigo community,

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the forum announce:

Project team announces the third "release candidate" 2.0.0RC3. This
release is *for test only*. Thanks to your feedback on 2.0.0RC1 and
2.0.0RC2, graphical bugs were fixed, icon set was completed, the
ability to remove photos imported with pLoader was added and non
english languages were updated.

The new remote client pLoader was fixed and improved:

- auto rotate image using exif metadata
- high resolution support
- improved user feedback in upload progress dialog

Please uninstall pLoader, remove C:\Documents and
Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\.pLoader before
launching the new setup.


- download Piwigo :
- download pLoader :
- test without install: http://demo.piwigo.net
- beta testing forum: http://forum.phpwebgallery.net/viewforum.php?id=8

Piwigo team

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