Hello Piwigo community,

Full 2.0.0 release notes available on http://piwigo.org/releases/2.0.0
with details.

Project team is proud to announce the first release of the
PhpWebGallery next generation: Piwigo 2.0.0. The wait has been long
but the resulting gift worth it. The project name has changed from
PhpWebGallery to Piwigo, mainly for following reasons: shorter,
unique, no reference to programming language, keep PWG letters. The
website has deeply changed, to become nice looking and attractive, we
hope you enjoy. The default graphical theme follows piwigo.org website
design. Many internal mecanisms have evolved.

What's new in Piwigo 2.0 compared to PhpWebGallery 1.7 ?

User features:

    * pLoader, a dedicated client for photo preparation and upload,
without using FTP
    * new graphical theme Sylvia, dark gray, pink and flowers
    * 9 languages : Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Hrvatski,
Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Русский.
    * simplified synchronization process, 1 click is enough
    * client side dynamic pages (AJAX and Javascript)
    * permissions at photo level
    * improved slideshow
    * manual sort of photos inside each category
    * menubar manager
    * default templates overloading
    * NetInstall, install Piwigo with a single script

Developer features:

    * new template engine: Smarty
    * distinct templates on public and administration sides
    * full UTF-8
    * PHP 5 required
    * MySQL 5 required
    * new web API to add photos


    * Piwigo homepage: http://piwigo.org
    * download page: http://piwigo.org/downloads
    * 2.0.0 release notes: http://piwigo.org/releases/2.0.0
    * screenshots: http://piwigo.org/basics/sshots
    * demo: http://piwigo.org/demo
    * features: http://piwigo.org/basics/features
    * forum: http://piwigo.org/forum

See you very soon on Piwigo forum!

Piwigo Team

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