Title: - optimization : representative picture becomes mandatory for a non empty [...]
Commit from plg 2004-11-20 18:23 CET
- optimization : representative picture becomes mandatory for a non empty
  category. So, at each insertion in images table for a category, a new
  representative element is elected (by rand). This must be improved by not
  reelcting a random picture admin set an element as representative

- optimization : recent cats page only needs 2 queries instead of 3*N (N
  categories to display). The bad point is that it shows representative
  element of recent cat and not a random element among recently added.

- optimization : empty cats page only needs 1 query per non empty sub
  category instead of... a lot. For each sub category, PhpWebGallery shows
  the representative element of a category chosen randomly in sub
  cats. Thus, get_non_empty_subcat_ids and get_first_non_empty_cat_id
  becomes obsolete.

- new function get_cat_display_name_cache to show category names with a
  caching for all gallery categories names. This function, to the contrary
  of get_cat_display_name shows names in the correct order...
Module File name Revision
phpwebgallery include/functions_html.inc.php 1.12 >>> 1.13
phpwebgallery include/functions_category.inc.php 1.43 >>> 1.44
phpwebgallery include/category_subcats.inc.php 1.6 >>> 1.7
phpwebgallery include/category_recent_cats.inc.php 1.7 >>> 1.8
phpwebgallery admin/include/functions.php 1.31 >>> 1.32
phpwebgallery admin/update.php 1.34 >>> 1.35
phpwebgallery admin/remote_site.php 1.7 >>> 1.8

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