> I've done some tests using phpXML (1.N.4) and the way it works is really
> awesome, however, it does seems to crawl with larger XML documents.

Agreed.  And also with complex XPath on smaller/medium XML documents

> I'd like to use it on a contract i'm starting in a couple of weeks, but
> performance will affect my descision to use it.
> I'm really interested in what you've said below. What are the chances
> phpxml/xmltree projects /will/ merge and will it provide a significant
> performance increase ?

If the projects don't merge, then phpxml will certainly be using the
evaluate() code from xmltree.  The performance increase is extremely
significant.  Dietrich could make better estimates than I, but I think you
are talking about something in the region of 70% saving on execution time.

Is that significant enough for you ;o)


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