This is really incredible, this xml parser you have put together.  XML
in php (or more like the lack of) has been the one thing preventing our
company from using PHP over some stupid priority language.  Anyway, I
was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your parser (I
have played with the examples and get the general gist).  

Is it possible to count the number of nodes matching a certain it possible to retrieve the contents of a
take a chunk out of the xml data to store in another variable or that you can then get subsets of that in later calls.
Perhaps I could contact you a few times to get started on writing my
first application with your parser so that I can be off and running?

My second question is, what is the status of development on the
project...are you working on Xpath more or are you beginning to focus on
other aspect of the xml?


Dan Allen
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