>First, now you can do a XPath expression like this one:
>file://document/keyword[contains(text(),'some text')]/parents::*
>Formerly, this expression did an error as the lib guess that it was a
>XPtah function like "contains(text()" because of fails inclusive
>parenthesis detection (sorry for my poor english...)

I think this bug was fixed in 1.N.4

>I also added a new method: count_nodes($path) that returns numbers of
>elements within the path.
>e.g. you can do:
>This is usefull and time execution saving as you don't have to evaluate
>again a path.

Yip.  Execution speed is currently crippling this project.  Dietrich has
done some really interesting work that uses regexes to speed up the
evaluate() as opposed to all the horrid recursion that it currently does.
I'm currently in discussion with him to see if we can merge the xmltree and
phpxml projects so that we can take advantage of the speed increases that he
has made.

> I have a question: is phplib found on the www.phpxml.org site is
> uptodate?

No.  The one at the http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpxmldb is more


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