> Is it possible to count the number of nodes matching a certain
> pattern...

Call evaluate(), then count the entires in the array of XPath addresses

> is it possible to retrieve the contents of a search...like
> take a chunk out of the xml data to store in another variable or
> object...

Currently no, but I think the print_as_xml() function will be expanded in
the future to allow you to print part of the xml file.  I think someone may
have already written this but I don't have the source.

> so that you can then get subsets of that in later calls.
> Perhaps I could contact you a few times to get started on writing my
> first application with your parser so that I can be off and running?

Nothing is stopping you from mailing us.  There is nothing binding us to
answer though ;o)

> My second question is, what is the status of development on the
> project...are you working on Xpath more or are you beginning to focus on
> other aspect of the xml?

Yes.  It's still very much in development.
http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/phpxmldb has the latest version,
currently 1.N.4.  You'll find change log and outstanding issues there too.
You'll also find links to the archive for this list held at


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