Well what I think is that if you put <br> </br> in your text it will be
evaluated as markup, well the xml_parser_* method of PHP do get it as
markup because in a regular way it is.
Well after testing it myself, since I never send html in my xml, it will
remove your <br> </br> from your output data (get_content,
get_attributes, didn't test they other one).

 phpxml convert < to get ride of bad xml or to be sure that 10<20 (< can
not be use in xml data) will not be used as markup, it shouldn't need to
convert > because that is a valid character ...

For myself I strip all html data before going in that function (I have a
list of tag that I accept, my xml markup) all they other have there < 
replaced with &lt; and an error message is displayed.

I wonder if people will like a little function that I have made, it's
not perfect (still testing) but it use phpxml to get your xml document
as array, like this:

        <data>Hello world</data>

$myxml[test][data] = Hello World

or something like this. 

> Litl question: what is the array $entities for ?
> The content is not converted as it should be, nothing happens - or I just
> didnt get the point.
> Why I need this: a must use breaks ( <br> ), &, and other special
> characters...
> Hope someone understands me....
> Cheers ben
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