The following is not directly phpxml related but is strongly phpxml use related 
so I hope this will not annoy anybody.

Question #1
Is there somewhere a set of standard dtd to be used in a web site ?
I know the easy quick answer to this is : docbook
I had a quick look at the 26543658876 pages documentation without understanding 
how this works and how to use it in  real life normal web site (I don't intend 
to publish a Boeing 747 documentation).
Used in a "normal" web site context this looks very much like hunting a 
mosquito using missiles.

What I'm looking for is a set of dtd describing a text, a menu, a newsfeed and 
so on.
I use home made ones and I'm not sure there are the most clever possible :- )

Question #2
What is the difference about attribute and element ?

I know what the difference is.
I mean in the context of phpxml is there a benefit to use one or the other.
For example is :

<address street_name= "foo street" street_number = "65" town ="foo city" 
country="foo land"/>

the same in term of php processing efficiency, memory use and so on  than :

        <street_name>foo street</street_name>
        <town>foo city</town>
        <country>foo land</country>



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