> Is it possible...? I am looking for the easiest way to preform simple xml
> xslt html transformations

I think trying to do XSLT with phpxml would be a bit of a nightmare.  It
would only really work for very specific and simple cases, so if you are
happy with that then fire away.  You are going to have to write a fair
amount of PHP for each page in order to process an xml file with elements in
an unpredictable order.

I don't know what the phpxml users out there use it for, but I see it more
as a method of making alterations to an existing xml document, and making
and displaying XPath queries of an xml document.  XSLT works by reading
through the xml document from start to finish and processing the elements as
it goes.  Phpxml reads the whole xml document into an object that can then
be queried.  Trying to get an XSLT approach from phpxml is therefore clearly
going to be difficult.

I think that it would be easier to write a watered down XSLT processor from
the basic XML parser functions, that phpxml is built upon, than to write one
on top of phpxml.  There might be some other php projects out there that
might help, but I don't know of any to suggest.

Presumably you don't have the "sablot" PHP XSLT library available to you?


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