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> > 2) About my question regarding a standrd DTD for a normal Website
> > I just would like to know is a basic set of DTD suitable for a
> > normal website existe ....
>Try HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0. They are the 'standard' dtd's of the web.
> > What I'm looking for is a set of dtd describing a text, a menu, a
> > newsfeed and
> > so on.
>If you are looking for feeds for syndication, Try RSS or RDF. They are both
>described in detail at and
>Good luck.

Well apparently my question was far from clear :-))

I know about syndication, I use it and  I use sometimes ith RSS sometimes 
not (RSS is something that allows you to send title and some basic 
information about a newsfeed, but you can do far more with syndication, i 
use it to communicate also complete texts)

For example, have a look at (the content as no 
importance its bullshit, I use this server for testing purpose).

If you click on :

- WinCVS mode d'emploi
or on
- CacheCache : Internet & discretion

What you'll see is a XML file, A single XML file. The display is one 
paragraph at a time and in the contextual menu (second bloc on the left) 
the links are extracted from the same XML file.
If you want to place the whole file (or only one paragraph on your website, 
just ask me I'll send you a single line of code and by magic it will 
happen.. ok but this is not my question.

My question is in this case : the XML file uses a DTD that I made for my 
needs. I'm not sure (that is a very elegant way to say "I' very sure of the 
opposite") that this DTD is not the best for that, not the most reusable, 
not the most complete etc...

So question : is there a DTD for along text (VS a newsfeed) published on a 
website ?

In the same sense I use a specific DTD to hold information on a set of file 
in order to generate a global summary

So question : is there a standrad DTD for this

In some case I use a XML file to hold menu items, thius allow to control 
the navigation from a single point.

So question : is the a DTD for that.

Say in another way, if you want to publish a book or a long and rather 
complex text, there is a DTD : docbook (and the simple version for "simple" 
needs), is there other DTD more specific that docbook ?

If all that is described higher is doable using RDF or other existing 
standard, my question is modified in : does any body knows a url where all 
this is explain (a tutorial) ? outside the W3 server, I don't need specs 
but real life examples.

Thanks in advance


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