Ok, I have finished bouncing all the messages so far to this list to geocrawler and there is now a searchable archive of this list dating back to the weekend of it's creation.
Sadly the search function doesn't seem to work and on the whole I am thoroughly unimpressed with the geocrawler website.  However it works, and the messages are there, so enjoy.
The problem with the dropped messages was somewhat unsurprisingly due to large attachments.  Three messages had attachments over 100KB so could I please ask (I shouldn't even need to ;o) that if you are going to send an attachment, that you compress it so that it is less than 100KB, or put it on an FTP server somewhere.  If you don't then it won't get archived.  I have zipped and reposted the three large messages, luckly for you guys I work on a mailserver and speak MIME :o)
I think all the messages are there, if not forward others on to me and I'll post them.
The archived can be found either by following the list links from the phpxmldb project at sourceforge:
Or directly at geocrawler:
Please note that you do not need to do anything at all in order for your messages to appear on this archive.
It seems to re-archive the list at about 3AM GMT so there are some 20 messages currently in the "queue" to be archived, so if you are wondering where your message is, then check back the next day and it should appear there by then.
Ah! Now that that ordeal is over I can go back to developing PhpXML again :o)

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