Actually, after a couple of hours of testing, I can't do something with
I'm trying to get the value of an argument from a know element.
for exemple, my xml file (successfully validated) begin like that:

 <content category="journal" revision="0.1.b"/>
 <date revision="2000-12-31 15:54:00" revision_datestamp="9945456654"
creation="2000-12-31 15:54:00" creation_datestamp="9945456654"/>



and I don't know how to get //list/document/date/@creation (those XPath
request works with the enlightning script exemple)

If i do (based on the German government reasearch tool):

$xml = new XML("test.xml");
$test = $xml->evaluate("//list/*");
here is the title : <? echo $xml->get_content($doc."/title[1]"); ## this
works fine. ?><br>
here is the creation date : I don't know how to get it!!

Thank's for your help.

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