Hi !
I've testet the XML parser first time today - and it works great.
I've only one problem:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="yes"?>
     <DATE value="1">2001-09-06 14:45:12</DATE>
     <CONTENTTYPE>plain/text - news</CONTENTTYPE>
          <HEADLINE>Motorola bringt das Handy zum Aufziehen</HEADLINE>
          <NEWSBODY>06.09.01 - Zum Thema regenerative ....</NEWSBODY>
With the function evaluate I can retrieve the Information in the the <NEW> tag, with
    $CONTENT = $xml->evaluate("//NEW");
    foreach ( $CONTENT as $NEW ) {
          $HEADLINE  = $xml->get_content($NEW."/HEADLINE[1]");
          $NEWSBODY  = $xml->get_content($NEW."/NEWSBODY[1]");
          echo $HEADLINE."<p>".$NEWSBODY."<hr size="1" noshade>";
But how can retrieve the information in the DATE and CONTENTTYPE -Tag ????
Thx for help !

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