Hello everybody, I'm a beginner working with xml, and I have a little
problem extracting the data.
I have an estructure like this
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?><!DOCTYPE imentenoticias SYSTEM
      <article id="1000279706996255072">
         <titular_texto>Cientificos Apoyan Celulas Madre Y Creen No
Suficiente Plan Bush</titular_texto>
         <fuente>NAVEGALIA.COM Noticias - Sociedad</fuente>

         <fecha_captura>Mie 12 Set 2001 09:28</fecha_captura>

and i want to select everything including the id.  I could select everything
but how can i take the id?
i have tried
$xml = new XML("exemple.xml");
// Select all members of the government.
$imentenoticias = $xml->evaluate("//@id");
// Run through all members of the government.
foreach ( $imentenoticias as $noticia )
 // Retrieve information about the person.
 $id  = $xml->get_content("//@id[1]");
 $id2  = $xml->get_content($noticia."/id[1]");

and I obtain empty values.

thank you
best regards
Fernando Caamaño

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