<buddy id="1">

$myatrributesarray = array();
$listofmybuddies = $xml->evaluate('/buddy_list/buddy');

foreach ( $listofmybuddies as $buddy )
  $myatrributesarray = $xml->get_attributes($buddy);
  $id = $myatrributesarray['id']

  $firstname = $xml->get_attributes($buddy ."/firstname[1]");
  $lastname  = $xml->get_content($buddy ."/lastname[1]");
  $isniceguy  = $xml->get_content($buddy ."/isniceguy[1]");

En réponse à [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

> thanks,
> but I know how to use XPath functions. I only don't know how to get
> the
> functions of xmlphp to work. For example the get_content functions
> returns
> nothing. The evaluate function works.
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