> Do you know if the maintainer of this has changed now?
> Is anybody interested in forking this to be a fast, small read only XML
> parser and xpath evaluator?

Michael is not the maintainer anymore, he's been silent for the last 2.5
months.  I seem to be looking after if for now at least.

Still here, and trying very hard to find the time to be active on this
project.  You can get the development version from CVS, and V1.N.5 will be
out as soon as we've made the development version "consistent".

If you are new to the list, check out the archive, as we're looking at a 50%
speed increase in 1.N.5 and you'll find 200+ messages about the development
so far.

I agree most usage is read only, so that will certainly be the path that we
will optimise for.



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