Many many thanks go to Sam Blum for not only coding most of the headline features of this release, but also for guiding me through the incredibly scary first steps of CVS and WinCvs.

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Phpxml version 1.N.X is technically a branch from the phpxml project available at Development seemed to be going much faster than the new releases of phpxml were, ie 125 messages to the list in 3 weeks, so I took it upon myself to release 1.N.X versions in the mean time. I am still hoping that Michael will "approve" the 1.N.X releases, and that they will therefore become not a branch but 1.X releases instead. I suppose in some ways this is NOT a branch until a 1.1 release of phpxml comes out anyway :o). Discussion for this module occurs on the [EMAIL PROTECTED] maillist.

Known Bugs Outstanding:

  • Deleting elements is very slow: Removing element 9 in a list of 10 will cause ALL node paths to be re-calculated, not just the 10th node which needs to be.  This becomes cripplingly slow as soon as your xml is of a sensible size.

Version 1.N.5 - 25th September

  • Text content is output in correct order: If you have "<P> A <B> B </B> C </P>" this will be output as "<P> A <B> B </B> C </P>" not "<P> A C <B> B </B> </P>" as it used to be before this version. Our huge thanks go to Sam Blum [EMAIL PROTECTED] for this fix.
  • 50% speed enhancements on reading and searching: The add_content function got a serious look over by Sam and has managed to make seriously visible speed increases. Sam Blum [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  • New DOM style user interface The public interface was renamed to use DOM style function names. This should make the learning curve easier for newcommers to the class. The old style interface is still supported, but is unlikely to be in future releases.
  • Class name change to XPath After some discussion and thought, it seemed that XPath was a much better name than "XML"" for the class. XML doesn't really tell you what the class does, whereas XPath describes that it is a class that will allow you to search using the XPath standard. ie exactly what it is. The modification functions are kinda added 'cos the tree is already there, but principly this module is about searching using XPath and retrieving the content.
  • Filename changed to xpath.class.phpThe filename has also been changed to reflect the change of name for the class
  • Documentation added to the 1.N branch In the form of a perl script that automatically produces an XML file, that is combined with an XSL to produce the documentation. This should allow you to quickly update the documentation when you make your own changes.
  • Stacks of style changes. Re-grouping of functions, comments change to //, etc, etc.


Cheers all


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