> Error is :
> phpXML error: While parsing an XPath expression there was an error in the
> predicate "1", because it was the null string. If you wish to seach for
> empty string, you must use ''.

Try replacing line 1997 with:

    if (ereg('^[[:space:]]*$', $predicate))

it was:

    if (ereg('^\w*$', $predicate))

But I'm not sure if \w is trying to match a word, not whitespace.  I can't
find a useful posix reference, but I know that it should be \s in perl

If you could hone down which evaluate() call makes this error, and perhaps
send a small subset of xml and evaluate call that makes the error, then we
can add a test to catch this error.  As such I haven't been able to
reproduce the error, and I'm forbidden to access
http://www.interpasnet.com/xml_files/cachecache/cachecache.xml directly.

Keep the bug reports rolling, it's looking like a 1.N.6 will be needed very


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