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>Before releasing 1N6 it would be a Good Thing (tm) to release a 1N5-style
>version of original examples (government for example) to avoid the zillions
>of question I have about : "how does this new way of Xpath.class.php-ing
>work ???"

Or if you don't have enough time, just tell me what is now the right 
version of this code that worked with xml.php/1N4 :

     <buddy id="1">

$myatrributesarray = array();
$listofmybuddies = $xml->evaluate('/buddy_list/buddy');
foreach ( $listofmybuddies as $buddy )
     $myatrributesarray  = $xml->get_attributes($buddy);
     $id                 = $myatrributesarray['id']
     $firstname        = $xml->get_attributes($buddy ."/firstname[1]");
     $lastname          = $xml->get_content($buddy ."/lastname[1]");
     $isniceguy         = $xml->get_content($buddy ."/isniceguy[1]");

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