> I'm not sure the problem lies in my XML files, I think it lies in the way
> didn't modify my php file.

Didn't think it did.  Was trying to recreate the problem on my local

> At : http://www.interpasnet.com/1.N.5/examples/government/index.php
> You'll find Michael P. Mehl. government example with only two changes :
> 1) call to (include) php file xplath.class.php instead of xml.php
> 2) call to class XPath instead of XML (like in $xml = new XPath($file);)
> try it with for example the key word "Gerhard"
> The result is the same :
> phpXML error: While parsing an XPath expression there was an error in the
> predicate "Gerhard", because it was the null string. If you wish to seach
> for the empty string, you must use ''.

Fails at your site, I go through the same procedure on my own PC and it
works.  Sounds like either an OS issue, or a implementation issue of PHP.
As I can't recreate this error yet, I can't fix it, and it's going to be
difficult for me to recreate this one, you might have to try to fix this
yourself I'm afraid :o(

If anyone has ideas, or experiences the same issue, please let us all know.


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