With xml.php to have a correct rendering of HTML enclosed in XML tags (in CDATA 
sections) the array entities () might be emptied. If it was not the case the 
HTML entities where converted and then displayed by the browser in their 
literal form.

It seem to be the same with xpath.class.php

Iím not in front of my development computer so I canít check the 
xpath.class.php but the result shows that the behavior is the same.

Instead of letting the user empty the array containing entities to translate, 
perhaps it would be a good thing to have a property to set (TRUE or FALSE) 
depending the behavior we need/want.

To go back to my test bed site :-)

In the following example both the paragraph displayed in the center of the 
screen and the contextual menu in the left block came form the same XML file.

Here is the xml.php version with entities() emptied :
HTML rendering is OK

Here is the xpath.class.php version
HTML entities contained in CDATA sections are converted so the browser displays 
them in their literal form


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