I agree that we really need some kind of function to insert an XML fragment
into the XML tree.  Ie Node::InsertNode(DocumentFragment) where
DocumentFragment is a string containing an XML fragment.  As it is, it would
be an absolute nightmare to try to insert something like "This is the
<B>sentence</B> data to be held below a child".  This function is however a
few months away. (Unless someone else writes it?)

The $entities array is only actually used in 2 places in the code.  One is
in the XML character data handler, the other is in the evaluate function to
encode your query.  Every time I look at this bit of code I have to work out
why.  If you can work out a better solution, let us know but I'm afraid at
the moment I'm struggling to even pin down the problem, never mind suggest a

If you try to appendData($path, '<') you will screw up your xml document, so
you could insert whatever you like.  Probably shouldn't do this, probably
should encode it, but at least it allows us some kind of insertion of
CDATA/xml fragment.  So if you appendData then write to file, then read back
in again you will have a valid XPath class again.

... sorry, feel like I'm talking junk here.  I should check in my changes
and go to bed....


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