>     Once my father told me "It's better to seems like a stupid once then
> being an ignorant forever". Can someone point me where to find information
> about how the system works? I know this may sound a bit obvious for most
> you, but I am really a newbie dealing with CVS, since I never worked on
> development of Open Source Proyects. Thanx...

Follow the links from the sourceforge project and it's like "browsing the
web".  If you ever want to start checking changes in an out you need to
become a developer of the project, and that requires me to give you
permissions :o).  Read access through the web is available to all though.

You'll eventually find:


Which is where the development version is currently living...


(P.S three months ago I'd never been near CVS before, so I'm fairly new to
it myself!)

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