> I'm new to this list... sorry if the following are FAQs but I could not
> find the answers anywhere on the <phpXML/> website:
> 1- Is this mailing list archived somewhere?

> 2- Which version of PHP does phpXML-1.0 support?  With PHP 4.0.6 I get
> warnings about "Call-time pass-by-reference" being deprecated, and with
> PHP3.0.16 I get a parsing error in xml.php line 271 (probably related to
> typed arguments in function declarattion).

Can't remember.  You want to get 1.N.4 or the version straight out of CVS,
it says in the file what version of php you need

> 3- The <phpXML/> documentation is generated from the xml.php source code
> (using special comments similar to JavaDoc or Doxygen) and it looks
> great.  Can anyone point me to the package that was used to generate
> this doc?  Doxygen is great for C/C++ but does not work for PHP AFAIK...
> and I was never able to find a good PHP doc. generator until today.

A perl script ships with the module you might want to try, otherwise phpdoc
is possibly work a look.

Follow the link below, and spend some time on catch up then re-post new bugs
and questions.  :o)

For the most recent version of phpxml, V1.N.X, and an archive of this list
visit:  http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/phpxmldb

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