Hi all,

Major news:
-- Michael Mehl approved 1.N.X as the main branch of phpxml, so we are
dropping the 'N' and calling it just 1.X.  Once we have stabalised the
version, it will move to version 2.0
-- Most of the silly stupid bugs from 1.N.5 have rooted out.  Thanks for all
your hard work on this, and I apologise again for getting too excited and
mailing out a half baked release...
-- removeChild() has been re-written to both work, and go much faster.
-- Error handling has been greatly improved, which should make this class
easier to use.
-- Examples now ship with the module:  Checkout:
http://www.carrubbers.org/scripts/php/xpath/examples/government/ and
-- Sam Blum is now a joint administrator for this project.  He must be
closing in on 100 hours with this project now I recon!!

Release notes available at:


The future

The future will hold quite a lot of moving about of data and redirects.  As
you might have guessed, we think it's a good idea to rename this project to
Php.XPath, as opposed to <phpxml/>.  This is going to involve:

-- moving the CVS repository,
-- moving the mail list
-- moving the list archive,
-- creating a XPath homepage maintained by someone other that Michael Mehl
located at sourceforge,
-- cleaning up the phpxmldb project
-- redirecting all the projects to the new home of the project

The benefits are:

-- phpxml will have have it's own bug, feature and support trackers, which
will help to refine the traffic on this list.  Bug reporting will be taken
off the list traffic and placed on the bug tracker instead.
-- Moving the membership of [EMAIL PROTECTED] to a list run at
sourceforge allows more control over your list membership including digest
and plain text only.  The admin is also in English which I think over all we
would have to agree that it helps.
-- Better more realistic indexing of the project at sourceforge will be good
for the project long term.  The project name will include the word XPath,
which is more useful than "XML".
-- Protection against project maintainers from dropping the ball.  The
project will belong more to the open source community if it has it's own

Hopefully you can understand the needs for the move, and that you will be
patient with us as we carry out what will be a fairy time consuming and
error prone process.  Just wanted to make you all aware of what will be
going on in the phpxml world over the next month or so.

Thanks for your support all, keep those bug reports rolling. ;o)


For the most recent version of phpxml, V1.X, and an archive of this list
visit:  http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/phpxmldb

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