> I completely agree with this! :(
> HTML mails really s....

Well sorry I completely don't.  :o)   I'm sorry if this causes
inconvenience, but that is what multipart/alternative was created for, and
that's what I send and that's what I will continue to send.  I know much of
the CS world uses Pine and other CMD line mailers, but the additional
formatting that html allows makes it my preferred choice of mail format.

May I recommend IMAP to you all (as an alternative to POP or telnet), then
you can access your mailbox using any gui on any OS using a wide variety of
mail clients (including pine/elm/etc).  Failing that just switch to a mailer
that supports multipart/alternative MIME body parts, then you'll never see
the "ugly" html body parts.  Or perhaps you could write youself a mail
script that filters out "Content-Type: text/html;" MIME body parts when
there is a text/plain available?

I have no idea what the membership is on this list, 50 ish I'd guess,
possibly as many as 100, but unless a substantial proportion "demand" text
only, then I will not be switching off HTML just to cater for what I believe
to be the minority.



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