At 03:46 PM 9/27/2001 +0000, you wrote:
> > I completely agree with this! :(
> > HTML mails really s....
>Well sorry I completely don't.  :o)   I'm sorry if this causes
>inconvenience, but that is what multipart/alternative was created for, and
>that's what I send and that's what I will continue to send.  I know much of
>the CS world uses Pine and other CMD line mailers, but the additional
>formatting that html allows makes it my preferred choice of mail format

First of all it's a long standing unwritten rule of listserves that you 
should only post plain text email messages.
Also don't be sorry for causing inconvenience just stop causing that 
inconvenience in the first place. It's much easier for you send your email 
as plain text then for everybody else to switch their email readers. 
Exactly what do you get out of send out HTML email in the first place?

>May I recommend IMAP to you all (as an alternative to POP or telnet), then
>you can access your mailbox using any gui on any OS using a wide variety of
>mail clients (including pine/elm/etc).  Failing that just switch to a mailer
>that supports multipart/alternative MIME body parts, then you'll never see
>the "ugly" html body parts.  Or perhaps you could write youself a mail
>script that filters out "Content-Type: text/html;" MIME body parts when
>there is a text/plain available?

IMAP has nothing to do with it. And once again why should we have to write 
scripts or switch our favorite email clients just because you are too lazy 
click one button and turn off HTML email.


Don't be sorry just turn it off.

Tim Uckun
US Investigations Services/Due Diligence

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