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> Patrick Gelin
> Inviato: mercoledž 24 novembre 2004 13:09
> Oggetto: [phpxmlrpc] About xmldoc and ISO-8859-1...
> Hi,
> I'm trying to make DRES project 
> (
> compliant with ISO-8859-1.††I'm†not†using†mbstring†into†my†
> windows†2000
> server, I know there is problem with Internet Explorer browser...
> I saw DRES it use 'xmldoc' API††into†the†file†xmlutil.php.†
> But†this†fonction
> seems not to be in use at this time. By the way I can't find any
> documentation about UTF-8, ISO-8859-1 and so about XMLDOM API.
> What I saw it's when I save a formula with DRES, it register 
> a XML file, and
> the content is:
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <requirement identifier="aaaaaaaa" name="&#xE0;&#xE0;&#xE0;&#xE0;"
> priority="high" status="draft"><revision date="2004-11-19 13:14:45"
> label=""><author id="gelinp">Patrick
> Gelin</author><comment></comment></revision><description>&#x9A
> 69;</descripti
> on></requirement>
> The name filed was originaly:
> name='ŗŗŗŗ'
> I don't know if it's UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 format.

Hard to tell: there is too little context information.

Where does this xml chunk come from? Is it generated by PHP, taken from a file, 
received from the web or what?

Is this shown in a browser via HTTP? If so, since the charset is not specified 
in the <?xml ?> tag, the charset used has to be specified in the HTTP 
headers.Check out the HTTP headers received with your xml page (install e.g. 
Mozilla with the LiveHTTPHEADERS plugin or any equivalent http sniffer / proxy)

Note: a historical cause of problems is that by the xml spec the xml charset, 
where not specified, should be assumed to be UTF-8. But when sending XML over 
HTTP, HTTP rules apply, and the default charset depends on the mime-type used 
(unless the charset is explicitly defined in the content-type header or inside 
the xml chunk itself), and for text/xml it is ISO-8859-1.

If the xml is stored on disk and you can edit it thru notepad (windoze), 
chances are it's ISO88959-1.
Note: some editors (e.g. Jedit or SciTE) allow you to specifi the charset to be 
used when saving files.

> When the formula refresh it show:

What do you mean by 'refresh'? What actions are taken?

> name='√ √ √ √ '
> Where does this come from? Is it a problem with XMLDOM API? 
> How to correct
> this?
> Thank.
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