Sorry pal, but the spec is only part of DAVE WINER view of the world. Official 
documentation is at

It has never been part of W3C, nor endorsed by the big names.
In fact MS endorses SOAP, while SUN has its own JAVA standards. And they all 
are competing standards.

XMLRPC is the first-born in the world of webservices. It lacks a lot of 
features, and trades them with simplicity.

There is NO DTD to validate an xmlrpc message against (the rules just don't 
There is no WSDL than can be used for an xmlrpc message.

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> Oggetto: [phpxmlrpc] Is MLRPc a W3C estandard?
> I've working with phpXMLRPC and I need to document the software.
> I've been looking for XMLRPC but I can't find the 
> especifications in W3C.
> Is XMLRPC a W3C standard? If it is it, where can I find its 
> especification?
> I've searched in
> Thanks, Keroppi
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