Could you specify the version of the library you are using? Some earlier 
versions are known to mis-handle non-ascii chars inside strings.
If you are using anything but version 1.2 you are also encouraged to upgrade to 
the latest because of security fixes.

Also a short snippet of the code you are using (if available) could help.

Gaetano Giunta

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> Subject: [phpxmlrpc] HTML entity bug?
> I'm using the XML-RPC for PHP library in an XML-RPC client web
> application I'm writing, and I've run into what might be a bug. The
> XML response contains HTML entities such as <, but they're
> appearing in the result in doubles, like "&lt;<" for what should be
> just "&lt;". Every time an HTML entity appears, it is replaced by the
> original entity followed by the literal character.
> Is this a mistake on my end or a bug in XML-RPC for PHP?
> Thanks,
> Ben Kazez
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