The doc and examples are quite clear (in my humble opinion) indicating that:
- the client->send() method returns an xmlrpcresp object
- the resp->value() method returns an xmlrpcval object (of course you should check for the error code first, to see if there was a communication error)
- xmlrpcval objects have some methods that can be used depending on their type. For structs and arrays, in particular:
  + for xmlrpcval of type array: val->arraysize(), val->arraymem()
  + for xmlrpcval of type struct:  val->structsize(), val->structmem(), val->structeach(), val->structreset(), val->structmemexixts(),
- there is also a second method to access the data of an xmlrpcval object, decoding it all-at-once into plain php values: $php_values = php_xmlrpc_decode($xmlrpcval);
here's a code snippet to get you running:
 $f = new xmlrpcmsg('system.methodSignature', array(new xmlrpcval(system.methodHelp));
 $c = new xmlrpc_client("/server.php", "", 80);
 $r = $c->send($f);
  $v = php_xmlrpc_decode($r->value());
  var_dump($v); // this will echo a standard php array. You can access it as you prefer
  $v = $r->value();
  $signum = $v->arraysize();
  for($i = 0; $i < $signum; $i++)
   $sig = $v->arraymem($i);
   $paramsnums = $sig->arraysize()-1;
   $retval = $sig->arraymem(0);
   echo "Found a signature\n  Return type is: ".$retval->scalarval()."\n";
   for ($j = 1; $j <= $paramsnums; $j++)
     $param = $sig->arraymem($j);
     echo "  Param number $j must be of type: ".$param->scalarval()."\n";

PS: I think you might have a problem due to the linguistic barrier: what is your native language? I can answer in italian or french if you prefer...
Hope it helps
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Hello all in my first message to the list.

I'm trying implement a simple webservice with xml-rpc, I´m make the client with phpxmlrpc on Apache2 on GNU/Linux.

The servers, is makes in Delphi and works OK, it send mi things like this:
Whats could be the logic structure to access the structures and arrays for procesing the data?? I has read the documentation but i can't find examples with clients and structures, and de commads explain don't be clear for me :|

A lot of thanks ;)
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