In fact single param signature is already implemented in CVS (thanks to some kind soul external contribution).
I am just waiting to find some time to package release 0.2 (in fact I am working busily on extending the base classes to add more automagic stuff... but if you are lucky it might come out as soon as next week).
To extend the signatures without breaking existing code, we decided to make use of a new member in the method description array: 'signature_docs'.
It has to be an array of arrays, with same number of members as 'signature'. Of course each member is a documenting string instead of a type name.
The code is attached, in case you want to check it out.
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I am currently using the docxmlrpcs, although I know it's just the 0.1 alpha version, I was wondering how you are going to implement the description of input/output parameters... This would be a very nice feature, but I guess the syntax of the sgnature would have to be changed to give some kind of documentation with the parameters...

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