Sorry, but to be more helpful with your problem a bit more information is needed.

First of all, the lib works with all HTTP proxies, there is no xmlrpc involved at all in the 'proxy' concept, only the standard http protocol rules.

Then, the questions:
- are you using https/http 1.1 (eg. the lib uses the curl extension) or not?
- what kind of proxy are you using (MS ISA server, squid, other???)
- does the proxy require any authentication to allow access to the end server? (the lib supports either BASIC or NTLM) - does the proxy run on port 80 or not? Is the xmlrpc server listening on port 80? - "without setProxy it works" means that your xmlrpc server is also accessible without passing through the proxy or did you test on a different setup? - "when doing telnet proxy it works" means that you actually retrieved an html/xml page from the xmlrpc server passing through the proxy or that you merely opened and closed a telnet session to the proxy server? - did you try using a browser to test the proxy settings? just set up the proxy in the browser settings, and write the URL of the xmlrpc server in the address bar. If the networking layer is ok, you should see an xml-rpc response (with an error-no-payload message) displayed in your browser

The 404 error means "page not found". As far as I can tell, it means that the proxy cannot receive a response from the xmlrpc server (or the proxy itself returns a 404, but that would be a little bit more strange). One common cause of similar problems with proxies lies in DNS resolution: if you use a logical name for the xmlrpc server instead of its IP address, the name resolution is carried out on the proxy itself. If the proxy has different dns setup than your client, the results might not be what you expect.

I'm using xmlrpc for php and I'm trying to connect with setProxy() but it didn't work, without setProxy() it works when doing telnet proxy it connects so it is not a network or a security problem the version of the xmlrpc php client is 2007 and the server 2005 it returns the error : Error code: 5 Didn't receive 200 OK from remote server. (HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found) can you help me please ? Thanx

Aymen GRUN

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