Hi there,

 I'm having some trouble with phpxmlrpc 2.2.1 server.

 This problem began when I tried a Perl XML-RPC client, which told me
that it was receiving bad XML as response. I checked its debug output,
and I saw that response was duplicated (<?xml ...>....<?xml ...>...).
Using phpxmlrpc client I had no problems, so I thought it was a
problem with that concrete Perl XML-RPC client.

 But recently I started doing some database modification from a
phpxmlrpc server, and I got duplicated rows on the database. I
suspected the function was being called twice and I added some debug
lines on my function (fopen+fwrite), and I was right: my function is
being called twice.

 Is this a known phpxmlrpc bug? Am I doing anything wrong?

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