Attila wrote:

We are using the phpxmlrpc 2.2.2 package in our code.

An issue we run into is very long lasting calls.  We have methodCalls that are 
expected to take anywhere between 5 - 15 minutes.

The problem is that there is a timeout somewhere.

In the FAQ there is a section titled:

    How to enable long-lasting method calls

Can you provide a quick pointer on how to prevent the library from timing out?

Not really hard - it's just that are more than one place where a timeout is 
1. use the timeout parameter in the send() method call [client side]
2. set the php script timeout limit: parameter max_execution_time in in php.ini (or via an ini_set() call if you cannot alter php.ini eg. on shared hosting) [both client and server]
3. make sure that the webserver serving the request does not time out in 
itself, e.g. the TimeOut directive for Apache might have an impact

For debugging purposes:
1. use debug level 3 on the phpxmlrpc client
2. use a network sniffer such as Wireshark


ps: for such long-lasting methods, it might be better off to split processing 
in multiple xmlrpc calls:
one that starts processing, gets back a token
then a loop that every X seconds asks with the given token if results are ready
server-side, the ignore_user_abort() php function could be used to make sure 
processing of the first call continues after sending the token response to the 

Thank you,


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